At one time, I used to give supplies to a psychiatric unit. Sometimes it was
pretty weird yet some of the denizens seems unusually rational. Usually they 
were "in unit" because they had indulged in a rampage at some point and 
destroyed a few things. 
 Actually that might be a reaction that mimics certain FFL members who recently 



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 I'm guessing you don't know who Nurse Ratched is. ;-) 
 On 11/24/2013 10:10 AM, emptybill@... mailto:emptybill@... wrote:
   Nah ... it's nurse Hatchet who is handing out pre-fab dentures for the old 
 folks here who have nothing more to do but sputter and fume.  
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 You're forgetting this places is also known as the Funny Farm Lounge. Nurse 
Ratched will be along with meds in a minute. 

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