In the summer, people around here like to wear short pants, cargo style,
T-shirts and boots. Up around Austin, people like to wear denim pants and
black T-shirts when they go out. Some people just don't like to dress up
anymore, unless maybe they are going to church, a wedding, or a funeral. Go

When I used to work at the community college I always wore the unofficial
tecno-geek outfit: Dockers khaki pants, white or light blue business shirt
by Van Heusen, and a nice colorful tie and some nice comfortable shoes. One
professor always used to wear a sweat-pants outfit and running shoes; one
teacher was fond of colorful suspenders and a bow tie; the Vice President
of the college always wore a three piece, pin-stripped suit and tie.

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Last year, Rita and I drove to Dad's place on the lake up by Dallas so we
could have Thanksgiving dinner with him. Now that Mom's gone we usually got
to the VFW to eat with some other nice folks - it's free and tasty too.

When we went over to the VFW, Rita and I wore some new Levi's, and we each
had a white shirt on. Her shirt had some nice little sequins on it and I
wore a custom-made 'bolo' string tie. We both had on new Western boots,
hers black and mine brown (not shiny, but rough looking). We each had on
nice western belts, but nothing fancy. No jacket.

The minute we walked in, I said to Rita: "We're over-dressed!" One guy had
on a plaid flannel shirt looking like a lumber-jack; another guy had on a
pair of overalls with one flap hanging down, and no shirt underneath. Most
of the women looked real good in western outfits, but most of the men
looked like hicks just off the hay wagon. LoL!

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