Apparently everything on earth came from outer space, including the carbon that makes life possible. Everything came from somewhere - you can't create something out of nothing. If everything came from outer space, it's not a stretch to think that these same elements could create life elsewhere. The earth is traveling at thousands of miles per hour around the sun; the solar system is spinning very fast in the galaxy; and the universe seems to be folding in waves.

So, it's no wonder Bucky Fuller called our planet 'Spaceship Earth'.

Nobody seems to know how the Puma Punkha megaliths were shaped without the benefit of modern tools. It sometimes boggles the mind how advanced our ancestors were. Has anyone ever tried to drill a deep hole into a granite block weighing 10 tons?

Maybe we've had help along the way.

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And don't underestimate the fun side of woo theories. As an example, it's certainly *possible* that the human race was seeded by aliens millennia ago. Speculating along those lines can be creepily entertaining.

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