It's just so startling hearing something like that these days from anyone but a 
librul-type Protestant or Jew. Francis is really busting up the contemporary 
image of Roman Catholicism. Of course Church doctrine has always had a very 
strong social-justice, caring-for-the-oppressed component; it just hasn't been 
the most evident theme in recent times.

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 Very good that he actually said it. I am not terribly religious myself, though 
he has a lot of influence, being The Pope, and all.

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 Thom Hartmann actually said that he might have to convert to Catholicism.  Not 
me, I'm not into religions at all.  But you don't have to be the Pope to figure 
this out.
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   Powerful stuff.
 I think if Bhairitu reads it, he'll immediately convert to Roman Catholicism. 
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 I like this guy - He tells the truth, straight up. 
 Even as the American Dream becomes less obtainable for most here, he points 
out, plainly, that the rest of the world, is suffering, far more than we do in 
the West; wars are waged simply for economic gain, rampant consumerism is 
dehumanizing everyone, and 'trickle down economics' is a naive idea, at best, 
and clearly does not work.

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