Denial. That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

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*This is all trolling, stuff Richard made up. If anyone here takes Richard seriously enough to want a detailed refutation, let me know.*

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It may be true that the Yahoo Neo search function is not ready for prime time.

But, I started years ago keeping a data base of my own posts and any replies I received at alt.m.t. and FFL - any serious author would probably do that. Most of my on-topic messages will go into the book I'm writing. I've also got a folder marked "FFL dumps' - that's where I put most of the dumps on me from Judy. I probably haven't had a conversation with Judy for at least ten years. Go figure.

There's not many dumps in there from Barry - he hasn't had much to say to me since I made fun of his guru, Rama, which is funny, since I kinda liked what Rama was teaching. Then Barry posted some foul comments concerning my birth circumstances, which is really funny, because apparently Barry is from Texas. Go figure.

One thing I've noticed about Judy, is that she hates people to post fibs, but what she hates even more is when people catch her in a fib - witness the recent denial from Judy concerning the inane comments she posted about the TMer bija mantras not being the nick-names of the Hindu gods, although I quoted her verbatim from her own statements, along with the URL so everyone could go read it for themselves. Figure that one out!

Years ago I caught Judy in a couple of big fibs and ever since then she's hated me - one time Judy claimed that a baby had died inside the New Orleans Super Dome during Katrina, which was untrue; before that I caught her fibbing about John Kerry being in Cambodia at Christmas in 1968. Judy will absolutely never admit that she made an error or repeated a fib, even when her own words are staring her in the face! A few days ago Judy even denied she was doing business from her home office and posted that I was lying. Everyone knows that Judy works from her home, she even said so in a previous post!

Fact is, everyone "lies" to a certain extent - it goes with the territory if you're posting as an anonymous respondent, but most people when they get caught making an error will at least dialog about it.

*Judy was probably just trolling and lying - if anyone wants to get more details they can contact me directly. LoL!*

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I think most understand why Barry is inveighing against a functional Search feature: if there's an accessible record of past posts, it's more difficult for him to lie with impunity

Of course, catching Barry in his many, many, many lies is hardly the only use for Search on FFL and similar forums. He knows that, but he's happy to sacrifice all other uses in the interests of being able to lie without fear of rebuttal (especially about me, as he does in this post). Lying is his M.O., his way of being-in-the-world; if he can't lie, he feels exposed and defenseless. He's basically an inadequate human being who needs to be able to lie to bolster his fragile self-esteem.

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    > >
    > > Well, I went to the web site, logged in an posted a couple


    > > what the Neo interface looks like on a mobile device for
    those that
    > > don't own one. Except that was a couple hours ago and it still


    > > shown up. Bad Yahoo!
    > Yahoo is bug city, that's fersure. But when you think about it,
    all of
    > Judy's "criteria" for "discussion-oriented forums" are in fact


    > for ARGUING.
    > Most *discussions* could take place very easily with a few
    > lines in reply to someone else's post. It's only nitpicky, "my
    ego is
    > right and yours is wrong," line-by-line refutations that
    require the
    > kind of interface she wants. Same with Search. Who *needs* to
    look up


    > bunch of comments on a chat board, except for someone whose ego is
    > heavily invested in "winning" some imaginary "battle" by arguing on


    > forum?

Just to expand on this a bit, the very perceived *need for* a good
Search function on discussion boards strikes me as suspect, and
contributing to an atmosphere of argumentation. On *most* (by far!)
forums that I've participated in over the more-than-35-years I've been
in computing, no one would have ever felt that they "needed" a Search

The reason, of course, is that for most people such forums are Here And
Now, and largely In The Moment. People say stuff, other people respond,
and on the whole within 24 hours any perceived affronts and
disagreements are forgotten, and folks have moved on to the next Here
And Now, In The Moment discussion.

Fairfield Life is not like that, and I firmly believe it's because one
person brought Living In An Eternal Past Of Grudges And
Never-To-Be-Forgotten Affronts to FFL with her from
alt.meditation.transcendental, where she ran the exact same routine for
years. For her -- and for those who have sadly tried to emulate her in
the time since -- the Search engine is a mechanism for Putting People
Down or Putting Their Enemies 'In Their Place.'

*She* doesn't like the Neo Search interface because it makes it harder
for her *to* live in the past, and to do anything and everything she can
think of to try to get other people to live there, too. *She* dives into
the Yahoo Search function to try to "get" the people she doesn't like,
and find something they said in the past that she can use to try to
convince other posters to dislike them in the present.

I think it's silly, and more than a little pathetic.

Being somewhat of a long-winded writer myself, I am *not* fond of the
real genesis of "top posting," which is the belief that Twitter and
Facebook and such media have trained people to have short attention
spans, and thus *only* write short posts or replies. I still think there
is a place for longer, well-considered posts. Or replies.

What I *don't* think there is a place for is the petty, vindictive flame
wars that seem to be de rigeur on many forums. promoted and encouraged
by social misfits who seem to feel "alive" only when they've either
enticed someone else into arguing with them, or enticed them into
putting down someone they dislike.

THAT -- the nastiness factor, and the pettiness factor -- is the aspect
of FFL that people have been complaining about recently, far more than
Neo and its shortcomings. Neo arrived at the same time that a few people
regained the ability to spew their argumentative, ego-driven crap here
non-stop. If Neo's limited Search capabilities have slowed that
crap-flood down in any way, I say good for Neo.

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