I don't know why I find that kind of funny, that we could all be blown to 
smithereens because someone spilled coffee on a keyboard! Obviously too much 
turkey has taken over my brain!

Speaking of food, at my half sister's last night, a neighbor brought over 
little goblets of pumpkin bread pudding! Bread pudding is my favorite dessert 
so I was in 7th heaven. 

On Friday, November 29, 2013 11:52 AM, salyavin808 <no_re...@yahoogroups.com> 
Wow, you could accidentally put a coffee mug on the keyboard and off we all go 
to the next world!

I remember that the systems monitoring Russian missile launches mistakenly 
thought the west was under attack twice with ICBMs actually on the way. And 
Ronald Reagan's escape plane took off twice without him! LOL.

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That's eight zeros above, not "OOOOOOOO." "OOOOOOOO" is what you say when you 
learn that the launch codes to much of America's nuclear arsenal were set to 
for many years during the Cold War to eight zeros. Makes you feel all warm and 
comfy knowing that, doesn't it?  :-)


"So to recap, for around 20 years, the Strategic Air Command went out of 
their way to make launching a nuclear missile as easy, and quick, as 

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