I've never heard of chemo being forced on people but I'm sure there are some naive "do gooders" who want to do so and big pharma loves to make all that money off cancer. Heaven forbid if university researchers prove that spices many people have in their kitchen cupboards can cure cancer.

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That's a very cruel comment. I'm on the side of the parents. Since when does the state have the right to inflict chemotherapy on people who don't want it? The family has every right to choose an alternative method of treatment. This is supposed to be the land of the free.

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Yup, natural selection works on the religious too. Maybe they'll see the irony in that and stop being so silly.

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    But the State of Ohio wants her to continue the treatment.  It
    appears to me that the girl and her family have the right to
    forego the treatment if that is their religious preference to do so.


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