Jeez! Now Emily has gone bonkers too!

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Conversation between Share and Emily:

Share: "It's raining in Iowa."
Emily:  "Share, is it raining in Fairfield?"
Share:  "Emily, I heard it on the news today that it's raining."
Emily:  "Share, is it raining outside your door?"
Share: "Emily, the Farmer's Almanac says that it will be raining this winter."  
Emily:  "Share, I'm asking you if it is raining in Fairfield and specifically 
outside your door."
Barry:  "Share, Emily is one of Ravi's minions so disregard her, and btw, STFU, 
you are causing all this."
Emily:  "Share, does it upset you that Barry just told you to STFU?"
Share:  "Emily, Barry is like a half-brother to me.  Also, Jon Grayweather, who 
is an expert on what women want out of sex, says that having sex in the rain is 
good for pitta types."
Emily:  "Share, are you a pitta type?"
Bhairitu:  "Share, have you tried juicing grass?  It's very good for pitta 
Richard:  "Share, I went to Whole Foods today and bought spinach."
Share:  "Richard, there is a Whole Foods in Iowa and I will be going next week."
Emily:  "Share, is it raining in Iowa today?
Share:  "Emily, you are honing in on my conversation with Richard in a mean and 
spiteful way."
Emily:  "Share, *you* said it was raining in Iowa today, I just wanted to know 
if it was raining in Fairfield and specifically outside your door."  
Share:  "Emily, you are being repetitive and vicious and critical and negative 
and I am only responding "in-kind".  You are one of Judy's minions and I hate 
her so I hate you too.  I will stand up for myself."

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What's unfortunate is that Emily used to wrote some interesting posts but once 
she got on Judy's bandwagon she's become imo sort of repetitive.

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