Good lord, somebody get her some Valium before she goes completely off the 

 I don't have a "bandwagon," and if I did, Emily would be about the last to get 
on it. She runs her own show, always has.

 See, Share is using Barry's incredibly cowardly tactic. She's so hard up it 
isn't surprising she'd be groping around for something, anything, to use 
against her critics, and she's too dense to realize how foolish it makes her 

 Share, listen up: The people who criticize you do so on their own hook, 
independently of each other. Same with Barry's critics. Each of them has his or 
her negative opinions of you and of Barry because your behavior engenders such 
opinions. It isn't the case that only one of us perceives you negatively and 
the others just go blindly along for the ride. Believing that may make you feel 
better, but it's false comfort.

 Share spewed:

 > What's unfortunate is that Emily used to wrote some interesting posts but 
 > once she got on 
 > Judy's bandwagon she's become imo sort of repetitive.
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