Of course the Yahoo forecast also said we were going to have rain on Thanksgiving.

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Share and Bhairitu,

I checked the Yahoo forecast for San Francisco, CA. They predicted good weather for the entire week. So, there's no need for snow here. So, at worst, there would probably be a thin coat of frost in the garden early in the morning. No sweat.

By the way, I like bok choy as a vegetable. It's easy to cook and can fit with any main dishes. I have some in the fridge right now. But tonight I might go to Tommy's Joynt to have their lamb shank dinner entree. It's the best lamb dish I've ever tasted-- for those who have not tried it and are thinking of visiting San Francisco in the near future.

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Oy, last night at Steal A Gift party I ate a lot of shrimp. Gout just around the corner. Tonight my Dad and step Mom took me to a restaurant right across the water from the Naval Academy. Lights on the water are so beautiful. Anyway, I ordered salmon with mashed cauliflower and baby bok choy. And then we shared a banana orange bread pudding. Yum! But I may have to do a light fast when I return to the land of the Domers (-:

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I've never eaten at PF Chang's as it was always crowded located in Broadway Square in shi-shi Walnut Creek. One nearby Chinese restaurant named the "Zen Restaurant" gives you lightly stir fried vegetables on every combination plate. Rotating foods is a good idea I made a shrimp chow mien yesterday for my main meal. Too much turkey! :-D

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If I eat one more bite of chicken, I think I'm gonna sprout feathers! Mom and I went to PF Chang today and she got lettuce wrapped chicken. Yum, but I'm yearning for my quinoa (-:

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According to the Weather Channel it's supposed to rain in the Bay Area
on Tuesday. AND temps are supposed to be in the high 20s overnight (at
least around here). That could lead to snow and funny thing is the
other night I had a dream about driving in SF in the snow (like Seattle
gets). That would be a real mess. Fortunately the Weather Channel's
forecasts aren't alway that good.

Much of the US is getting record low temperatures due to the flow of
arctic air. Even in the Bay Area we are getting some low over night
temps which means that we are getting 4 seasons in one day because it
can warm up by late morning. In fact I wore shorts and a t-shirt to the
waterfront park and skipped putting on a jacket.

In spite of warming up the parking on the street downtown was fairly
empty as was the farmer's market. Maybe buying food was the last thing
on folks mind after the Thursday gorge.

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