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"Fertile crash ant Uruk Sumer a remarkably innovative despot resume area is constructed, elaborate irrigation systems, the racket monumental temple zignots to their gods and devise the first law codes to protect property and lost her social order. By wheel and rite and they do we all in the fourth millennium B.C. they facilitated travel, trade, and economic prosperity. Number the sums sixty divide our circle three sixty a brickbat stair link earth to inhab sky anon."

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And it's all true, Share. Every last bit of it. I read a book about it. And I saw The Matrix too.

Share enthused:

> Richard, John or anyone, where does Atlantis fit into this scenario of Sumerians? It seems > they were an advanced race with highly developed technologies. I've not read much about > allis but find it fascinating. I also wonder how the ancient Vedic civilization fits in with all
> this.

On Monday, December 2, 2013 8:54 AM, Richard J. Williams <punditster@...> wrote: The idea that human beings are a slave race, forced to work inside a human body, owned and operated by an alien or extraterrestrial society, is not a new one. The Book of Genesis, based on ideas contained in the Sumerian religion, describes an advanced society, which flourished around 3500 B.C.

Aliens posing as the Gods for a custodial race?

Like other ancient societies, the Sumerians left records stating that human-like creatures of extraterrestrial origin had ruled early human society as Earth's first monarchs. Those alien people were often thought of as "gods."

Some people believe that a Supreme Being is behind the vicious Machiavellian intentions described in the Bible. However, the idea that a "Custodial" race posing as a Supreme Being seems to provide a true breakthrough by pointing to a brutal technological society, not a Supreme Being, as the more likely source of such warlike machinations.

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Santos Bonacci believes that these tribes refer to the twelve signs of the zodiac. So, the tribes refer to all human beings who are or were born on earth during the 12 months of the year.


If there are ETs or other human beings in the universe, IMO these entities can be classified according to various sectors of the skies that belong to each zodiac sign. Specifically, if there are ETs in the star group of Pleiades, they would belong to the sign of Taurus since the star group is located in this constellation.

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