And, why don't you shut up about Barry and just leave him alone! Pick on someone on your own level, like Ravi or Robin. Everyone knows Barry is asleep over there, and everyone knows you're up early posting from your day job. You're acting like a junkyard dog these days. Go figure.

On 12/2/2013 10:56 AM, wrote:

Barry wrote:


> The ones who stay generally avoid interacting with the stalkers, because

> they've seen what will happen to *them* if they say something that lands
> them on the stalkers' Enemies List.

*But I'm still here, Barry, despite the hundreds of thousands of posts you've* *made harassing me since we first encountered each other in 1995 on alt.m.t.* *I'm obviously /already/ on your "Enemies List" and have been, again, since*
*1995 on alt.m.t. I know you wish I'd give up and leave, but that isn't*
*happening, sorry.*

> It's a form of cyberterrorism.

*Yes, I think "cyberterrorist" describes you perfectly.*

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