John, what do you think about a possible jyotish cause of the 2 speed related 
tragedies recently? The train derailment and the fiery crash of Paul Walker.

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Share and Bhairitu,

I checked the Yahoo forecast for San Francisco, CA.  They predicted good 
weather for the entire week.  So, there's no need for snow here.  So, at worst, 
there would probably be a thin coat of frost in the garden early in the 
morning.  No sweat.

By the way, I like bok choy as a vegetable.  It's easy to cook and can fit with 
any main dishes.  I have some in the fridge right now.  But tonight I might go 
to Tommy's Joynt to have their lamb shank dinner entree.  It's the best lamb 
dish I've ever tasted-- for those who have not tried it and are thinking of 
visiting San Francisco in the near future. 

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Oy, last night at Steal A Gift party I ate a lot of shrimp. Gout just around 
the corner. Tonight my Dad and step Mom took me to a restaurant right across 
the water from the Naval Academy. Lights on the water are so beautiful. Anyway, 
I ordered salmon with mashed cauliflower and baby bok choy. And then we shared 
a banana orange bread pudding. Yum! But I may have to do a light fast when I 
return to the land of the Domers (-:

On Sunday, December 1, 2013 6:13 PM, Bhairitu <noozguru@...> wrote:
I've never eaten at PF Chang's as it was always crowded located in Broadway 
Square in shi-shi Walnut Creek.  One nearby Chinese restaurant named the "Zen 
Restaurant" gives you lightly stir fried vegetables on every combination plate. 
 Rotating foods is a good idea I made a shrimp chow mien yesterday for my main 
meal.  Too much turkey! :-D 

On 12/01/2013 02:22 PM, Share Long wrote:
>If I eat one more bite of chicken, I think I'm gonna sprout feathers! Mom and 
>I went to PF Chang today and she got lettuce wrapped chicken.  Yum, but I'm 
>yearning for my quinoa (-:
>On Sunday, December 1, 2013 3:13 PM, Bhairitu <noozguru@...> wrote:
>According to the Weather Channel it's supposed to rain in the Bay Area 
>on Tuesday. AND temps are supposed to
                                  be in the high 20s overnight (at 
>least around here). That could lead to
                                  snow and funny thing is the 
>other night I had a dream about
                                  driving in SF in the snow (like
>gets). That would be a real mess.
                                  Fortunately the Weather Channel's 
>forecasts aren't alway that good.
>Much of the US is getting record low
                                  temperatures due to the flow of 
>arctic air. Even in the Bay Area we
                                  are getting some low over night 
>temps which means that we are getting
                                  4 seasons in one day because it 
>can warm up by late morning. In fact I
                                  wore shorts and a t-shirt to the 
>waterfront park and skipped putting on
                                  a jacket.
>In spite of warming up the parking on
                                  the street downtown was fairly 
>empty as was the farmer's market.
                                  Maybe buying food was the last thing 
>on folks mind after the Thursday

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