Atlantis is a myth. The only mention of it is in a STORY by Plato. Perhaps it 
refers to a volcano in the Aegean that destroyed the island of Thera 
(Santorini) which affected the entire area. Folk memories would keep a story 

 The mythical elements of a vast civilisation were added later, possibly as a 
warning to us that we are slaves to nature no matter how important we think we 
are.. The new age idea that they were some sort of superior seed civilisation 
was added much later. The UFO/alien myth was added after people invented UFOs 
and aliens. What a creative and fascinating species we are!



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 John, I wonder what really happened in Atlantis. They were so evolved but then 
they turned to the dark side. I've heard that's why they were destroyed.

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 You might find the ideas of Michael Cremo, who supports the antiquity of the 
vedic civilization, interesting.  In short, he is stating that humans today are 
a product of a devolution from highly evolved  humans in the past.


 So, IMO Atlantis and its people can be considered as part of this vedic 
civilization.  They were supposedly highly developed in consciousness and 

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 Richard, John or anyone, where does Atlantis fit into this scenario of 
Sumerians? It seems they were an advanced race with highly developed 
technologies. I've not read much about all this but find it fascinating. I also 
wonder how the ancient Vedic civilization fits in with all this.

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 The idea that human beings are a slave race, forced to work inside a human 
body, owned and operated by an alien or extraterrestrial society, is not a new 
one. The Book of Genesis, based on ideas contained in the Sumerian religion, 
describes an advanced society, which flourished around 3500 B.C. 
 Aliens posing as the Gods for a custodial race?
 Like other ancient societies, the Sumerians left records stating that 
human-like creatures of extraterrestrial origin had ruled early human society 
as Earth's first monarchs. Those alien people were often thought of as "gods."
 Some people believe that a Supreme Being is behind the vicious Machiavellian 
intentions described in the Bible. However, the idea that a "Custodial" race 
posing as a Supreme Being seems to provide a true breakthrough by pointing to a 
brutal technological society, not a Supreme Being, as the more likely source of 
such warlike machinations.
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   Santos Bonacci believes that these tribes refer to the twelve signs of the 
zodiac. So, the tribes refer to all human beings who are or were born on earth 
during the 12 months of the year.
 If there are ETs or other human beings in the universe, IMO these entities can 
be classified according to various sectors of the skies that belong to each 
zodiac sign.  Specifically, if there are ETs in the star group of Pleiades, 
they would belong to the sign of Taurus since the star group is located in this 






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