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 > See Barry. See Barry stalk Judy. Stalk, stalk, stalk.
 Here's a better idea.
 Let's watch Judy react to me supplying a few numbers and facts about
 *her* stalking behavior by obsessing on this for the next few weeks and
 flooding the forum with posts ragging on me and the other people

 You mean "ragging on" is now stalking?  Oh oh, it's all different perception.  
Personally, I translate a whole lot of it as humor, but that's just me. Oh 
dear.  More to work on.  
 How *many* posts ragging on Barry will she make?
 How *many* posts ragging on Share will she make?
 How *many* posts ragging on Feste will she make?
 It's really not a question of "whether" she'll make these posts. The
 only question is how many.
 The other thing to note is how *few* posts she'll be able to make about
 anything else. That's the problem with obsession...the people in the
 grip of an overpowering obsession don't realize that they're obsessed.

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