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 See Barry. See Barry stalk Judy. Stalk, stalk, stalk. Nothing new here; move 
along, folks.

 I wrote:
 > Buck, reflect a minute. What makes you think I "stalk"? 

 Barry replied:

 > You mean, other than the fact that you're doing it right now?  :-)

 > When you go out of your way to write a post dumping on the person you've 
 > been dumping on consistently for nearly twenty years, about whom you've 
 > written literally thousands of posts dumping on him, you're stalking.
 You mean, the way you've gone out of your way to write posts dumping on me and 
have done relentlessly for nearly twenty years over thousands of posts, and are 
doing right now? That's what you mean by "stalking," what you've been spending 
most of your time on the Web doing to me and many others ever since I've known 

 > Get over your self-delusions, honey...you're a stalker.
 Well, that's an interesting definition. Trouble is, it applies to you far more 
than it does to me. You da talker-in-chief, sweet cheeks.

 I didn't "go out of my way" to write the post, BTW. As you know, I was 
responding to Buck.

 If I'm a "stalker" according to your new definition, at least I'm an honest 
stalker. You are a viciously malicious, profoundly and consistently dishonest 
stalker. That was (as you know) my point to Buck. We'll see a demonstration in 
the very next paragraphs:

 > You even stalked Curtis recently when one of your former minions said he 
 > liked him, and he hasn't been here since August:
 You mean, after Dr. Dumbass responded to one of your long dump-on-Judy rants 
that fawned over Curtis? In which he said he liked Curtis but found him 
"emotionally duplicitous," and I agreed? Because that's the post of mine you're 
quoting, along with my follow-up:

 "Curtis, in stark contrast, went to considerable lengths to hide his emotional 

 "To be a little more specific, if I may: Curtis pretended to be "comfortable" 
with who he was, as Barry puts it. But that was a carefully constructed facade, 
and it took very little in the way of chipping to expose the real Curtis 
underneath. "

 You went on to stalk Dr. Dumbass for what he had said about Curtis, and in 
that post added Robin to your list of stalkees for the day--Robin, who hadn't 
been here since early April.

 Did you think I wasn't going to provide the context you dishonestly left out? 
(And it was obviously deliberate dishonesty, folks, since he had actually 
looked up the posts in question.)

 If anybody would like to verify what I just wrote, let me know and I'll 
provide the URLs to the posts.

 As I said in a post a couple of days ago, Barry doesn't have the wherewithal 
to make an honest case. He'd have to refrain from stalking if he had to be 
honest, because he'd have nothing to say.

 > Stalking is just what you DO, Judy. Everyone here knows this but you.
 Says the Master Stalker of FFL.

 Your hypocrisy is unparalleled. It's stupefying. And that's giving you the 
benefit of the doubt, because if you really believe what you're saying, you're 
insane, completely out of touch with reality.

 Now, how do you explain your claim that I have "stalked you from forum to 

 (See, Barry has switched definitions. Before, he meant "stalking" in the 
standard sense of following someone around, as in his claim above. But now he's 
using it as a synonym for "dumping on.")

 How about explaining the fact that you were "stalking" me on FFL before I even 
arrived here?

 I can find the URLs for those posts as well if anyone is interested.

 I swear to God, interacting with Barry is like being in a hall of funhouse 
mirrors. Everything he says is warped, twisted, turned inside-out and 
upside-down. And the older he becomes, the worse it gets. It's hard to imagine 
that he genuinely thinks anybody believes him, but it's even harder to 
understand why he would constantly spout such obviously dishonest crap if he 

 Like I said once before and I still stand by it, "Barry is a freak of nature."

 I wrote to Buck:
 > I'll tell you: Because that's what Barry has said that I do, over and over. 
 > He claims I've "stalked him from forum to forum." That is factually untrue. 
 > Of the four forums we've been on together, one (alt.m.t) I joined before I 
 > had ever encountered him; two I joined before he did; and the fourth, FFL, 
 > he Invited me to join, along with other members of alt.m.t. 
 > So what does that make Barry, Buck? 
 > I could go on and on listing the things Barry has said about me (and others) 
 > that were simply factually false, and that he knows were false. Literally 
 > hundreds of things. 

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