Generally, Lynch's films are rather dark, disturbing; that is the predominant 
thread that runs through his art. There are some lighter moments, and there is 
the film Straight Story. But basically his artistic vision, contrasted the 
movement's vision of what life could be, is a nightmare. If you can watch his 
stuff and not be repelled, then you are either fairly well along spiritually, 
or you are a psychopath or some other kind of deviant. Now, I like Lynch's 
movies, but most of my family and friends have a really hard time with them. A 
number of his films seem to involve people with injuries to the head. 
Interesting haircut he always has.

 People view art in different ways. Some people are content sensitive and can 
be totally unnerved by a great piece of art, which attempts to elicit a feeling 
beyond what you see. The art attempts to get you to experience something beyond 
your limited personal vision, but as one's internal conditioning can come into 
play, that conditioning might prevent a particular viewer from seeing through 
the immediate facade of whatever they are looking at.

 For David Lynch, you need a strong stomach, period.

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 You have selected the more macabre images. For what reason one can only 

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