I commented on this yesterday but apparently the pond scum at the NSA didn't like my response. But an EMP attack may not work as predicted. Think about all the folks who can't get a cell phone signal in their homes. Probably too much metal in the house and it might act as an Faraday cage. My garage might also have the same effect so my car might still run after such an attack.

And there are all kinds of reason never to do these including it kinda would ruin the spoils of war for the attacker.

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One lives down South in a major city. The other works at a Rocky Mt. winter resort. One has to put on a jacket sometimes. The other works at a ski shop. Warmth is built in for both.

I'd be more worried about roaming zombies coming over the wire in a major city. If an EMP blasts occurs all bets are off.

Don't worry be happy. Smoke another one. Mere prattle.

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