In the 1990s the company I worked for had a couple of ex-cops (husband and wife) come in and give a self-defense talk. They apparently go around the country doing this. They also had a book to sell which I bought. They showed how to foil an attacker with your car key using it to slit their throat. Of course then your car key becomes evidence so they also sold a small ice scraper (something rarely needed around here except maybe this week) to put on your key chain.

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A basic rule around here is to NEVER tell anyone that are carrying a concealed weapon. Another basic rule of self defense around here is to NEVER show your weapon until you are forced to use it. And, you should NEVER take a knife to a gun fight at the OK corral. LoL!

But is it OK to carry a fake gun that looks like the real deal? That way you don't need a permit and can use it to scare off a potential attack. It sounds like an inexpensive and effective deterrent to me. (Of course, if you're up against a mugger wired on angel dust or methamphetamine you're out of luck.)

"I'd rather jump a gun than a knife" -  Jimmy Hoffa

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