Seems in similarity (simile) as with the North Koreans and the Red Chinese most 
any movements' pr production of media presentation like those big communist 
meetings being broadcast is as much for internal cultural re-enforcement even 
as it could seem apparent for general public release, like staged 
press-conferences or something published really glossy for release.

 ..dramatic images show being escorted from a party session by uniformed 

 yep locally different people have been escorted from the movement too in 
various ways for various reasons. In Vlodrop around Maharishi it was said any 
neganaut hinting or talking the wrong way would find their bags packed for them 
at the door. I met an old movement meditator the other day who was escorted to 
the door for embarrassing the administration a long time ago. Any group can 
expect order and discipline from its members if they want to belong. No one 
said due process of law is fair in every culture.  
anartaxius@...> wrote:

  Our Michael Jackson, I think, still seems to feel the sting of having been 
purged. His situation was less amenable as he was actively trying to stay out 
of the dome for health reasons. Although things may have changed from years 
back, I have heard of ways people managed to stay out of the dome using 


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 People out in the world ask me on occasion what is going on in meditating FF?  
 The example of state run communism I feel gives a good vision of how it works. 
A narrow administrative top and a wide organizational chart that flows out to 
the elements of TM. TM is now run a lot by committee work of people within 
elements of the flow chart. The by-laws of how it works are not clear from the 
outside, sort of like state-run communalism in red china or north korea.

 ---In, <Buck> wrote:

 dramatic images show being escorted from a party session by uniformed guards. 
 Analysts say such a public dismissal is unique and could signal a wider purge. 
 Abstracting paraphrase reports,  Almost overnight, ..has morphed from mentor 
to "anti-revolutionary" criminal outcast,
 .this could be seen as the latest in a series of carefully calibrated moves to 
demonstrate control, yet another sign of authority, assertion of dependence. reported to have been stripped of all his positions and expelled from the 
 "Ideologically sick and extremely idle and easy-going, he used drugs and 
squandered currency at casinos while he was receiving medical treatment in a 
foreign country under the care of the party," the report said. 

 It added that he had "improper relations" with several women and "was wined 
and dined at back parlours of deluxe restaurants".  

 Dealing with “Neganauts” :
 Rare moments like these are perhaps the closest we'll come, at least for now, 
to observing directly the workings of the state..
 News of his dismissal filtered out last week along with reports that two of 
his close aides had been executed for corruption. It is unclear when these 
latest images date from.

 paraphrase notes taken from 
BBC report on N. Korea



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