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 Let me rephrase that:
 NOBODY cares that you're working from home and NOBODY cares if you're posting 
 here in between working for clients and NOBODY cares if you have any clients 
 and almost NOBODY cares if you post anything or not. Almost NOBODY.

 Can I just say this: NOBODY cares what you wore today. NOBODY cares what your 
face looked like today. NOBODY cares where you drove by during your mundane 
day, NOBODY. Oh, except Sweet Share.

Perhaps Richard cares. But then you might be right. What are we? Suppose that 
in reality we are all NOBODY inside, that our personal life is but the stuff 
dreams are made of, a fiction created by mistaking our idea of ourselves for 
something that  is real?

 Dear Xeno, this is as real as it gets. You need to take the bull by its 
proverbial horns and go for a RIDE man. Stop pussyfooting around and pretending 
it is all make-believe, that life is a row, row, row your boat. You are in the 
middle of something big and something powerful and yet you stand by the wayside 
and think it all has nothing to do with you, that there isn't real red 
pulsating blood in them thar veins. But there is and you can pretend all you 
like that concrete isn't hard and rain isn't wet but you're missing the chance 
to ride in the last car of the roller coaster when you live in your head like 
you do. I'd love to spend a day with you, but bring your galoshes and thermos 
of hot chocolate.

You are misinterpreting what I am saying. I never imply that concrete is not 
hard, that there is no such thing as physical pain. It's snowing here now, it 
is cold. I made hot chocolate last night. The illusion, if you will, is not 
these experiences, it is how the mind interprets them. It is kind of a 
graduated thing, the further you get from concrete experience and into the more 
abstract realms the mind is capable of thinking, the less likely those thoughts 
are really useful for anything unless there is a way to correlate those 
thoughts with experience (this is how scientists are supposed to proceed). Now 
thoughts get very abstract when talking about consciousness and all this 
spiritual stuff. They mean nothing without the underlying experience to flesh 
them out, and in fact they are, in relation to experience, essentially untrue. 

 Most of the psychological suffering people experience has to do with ideas in 
the head about their life - who they think they are and what life is supposed 
to be - ideas that are basically false. It is quite a project to undo these 
ideas; that project is typically called 'the path of enlightenment' wherein one 
examines one's experience from various perspectives (using such devices as 
meditation, etc.) until a point is reached where those false ideas fall away.

 I was in New York City the other day, basically to look at a painting by 
Vermeer - 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring' - which is temporarily on loan from 
Europe. A beautiful, not very large, but soft portrait of a young woman, 
considered one of the great paintings of all time. There were also some 
paintings by Rembrandt. Walking back at night to Grand Central Terminal, I was 
on 48th Street and happened to pass by the Fox News Channel headquarters. The 
red news banner was proclaiming that Nelson Mandela had died. His name was not 
visible, but from the text it was unmistakable that they were writing about 
Mandela in the past tense. Now there is someone who experienced an incredible 

 Experience has everything to do with everything. You are mistaking what I say 
to mean I am detached. Everything in this world is intimately connected. 
Everything about this world is about the world as a whole. The mistake people 
make is thinking the world is about an individual 'them' being in the world. 
The idea of a personal 'self' is a fiction. It seems real enough until you get 
far enough along on a spiritual path, and then you discover it is not about 
you, it is all about the world as a whole and that interpretation of 'your' 
experience that makes it seem as if you are a separate thing apart from the 
world is just a misinterpretation. 

 The whole world is pure existence in all its hard, gritty glory, it is pure 
experience through and through. There is happiness, sadness, elation, 
depression, comfort and pain, but it is not happening to anyone, it is just 
happening. For brevity and convenience, we say 'it is happening to me' but if 
we believe this, we are lost. But to unbelieve it requires something much more 
than denial of the belief, or a pretense of detachment, it requires dismantling 
of the human ego, and that is a rocky trip indeed. The world is all about the 
world in all its variety and that includes the body and mind, but this cannot 
be experienced when the mind thinks it is a 'me'.
 On 12/9/2013 1:23 PM, TurquoiseB wrote:
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"Richard J. Williams" wrote:
 > Let's make this real simple so everyone understands:
 > NOBODY cares that you're working from home and NOBODY cares if you're 
 > posting here in between working for clients and NOBODY cares if you have 
 > any clients and NOBODY cares if you post anything or not. NOBODY.
 I dunno, Richard. I, for one, would love to see her come up with this 
"detailed refuation" she's been crowing about for so long. 
 So, speaking in my capacity as "someone other than Xeno who takes Richard 
seriously enough to want a detailed refutation," I want one. 
 Failure to produce one will prove Judy a liar, because she made that very 
offer just below. 
 I expect exact quotes, URLs, and citations. Maybe even a bibliography and 
footnotes. :-)
 > On 12/9/2013 12:51 PM, authfriend@... wrote:
 > >
 > > This is all trolling, stuff Richard made up. If anyone here (except 
 > > Xeno) takes Richard seriously enough to want a detailed refutation, 
 > > let me know.
 > >
 > >
 > > Richard wrote:
 > >
 > > > Maybe Share is waiting to see if you'll explain NOT saying the bijas 
 > > are the nicknames of the deities and why you're mixing working and 
 > > posting to a discussion group at the same time.
 > >
 > > On 12/9/2013 11:08 AM, authfriend@ > >
 > >> So you've made up your mind to die with the sin of bearing false 
 > >> witness (one of the Big Ten) on your soul? In your mind, that's 
 > >> preferable to confessing?
 > >>
 > >>
 > >> (And as you know, "sub specie aeternitatis" has nothing to do with 
 > >> scolding, so that's yet more false witness.)
 > >>
 > >>
 > >> Share did her phony innocent lightheartedness act:
 > >>
 > >> >But Richard, you gotta give Judy points, or something, for scolding 
 > >> me in Latin!Google is my new best friend, along with eternity (-:
 > >>
 > >>
 > >>
 > >> On Monday, December 9, 2013 8:56 AM, Richard J. Williams 
 > >> punditster@ > >> This message has all the earmarks of you sitting at your 
 > >> computer in 
 > >> a home office posting replies whenever the "ding" goes off, alerting 
 > >> you that someone posted to FFL.
 > >>
 > >> So, which is it? Did you say the TM mantras are NOT the names of the 
 > >> personal gods; or did you NOT say the bijas weren't "nicknames" of 
 > >> the deities? Go figure.
 > >>
 > >> "Richard is lying. I never said anything about "the technique," 
 > >> whatever it is, or was. Nor did I say the bijas weren't "nicknames" 
 > >> of the deities (whatever "nicknames" means in this context)."
 > >>
 > >> From: authfriend
 > >> Subject: OMG: madhuauudana & definition of dhaaraNaa
 > >> Forum: Yahoo! FairfiedLife
 > >> Date: November 25, 2013 2:04 PM
 > >>
 > >> On 12/9/2013 8:36 AM, authfriend@ > >>
 > >>> This is all trolling, stuff Richard made up. If anyone here takes 
 > >>> Richard seriously enough to want a detailed refutation, let me know.
 > >>>
 > >>> Richard trolled:
 > >>>
 > >>> > Maybe Share is waiting for you to admit you told a fib about the 
 > >>> TM mantras being the names of the Hindu personal gods.
 > >>>
 > >>> On 12/9/2013 8:03 AM, authfriend@ > >>>
 > >>>> Do you think this "last resolve" for you, Share, will include 
 > >>>> confessing and repenting of the falsehoods you've told on FFL? Or 
 > >>>> are you just going to pretend they don't count, pretend they're 
 > >>>> only a matter of seeing things differently, and take a chance 
 > >>>> you'll get away with them sub specie aeternitatis?
 > >>>>
 > >>>> Share exclaimed:
 > >>>>
 > >>>> > Wow, Buck, what a great rousing hymn to begin the week with, thanks 
 > >>>> > for posting.
 > >>>>
 > >>>>


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