Share snarled:
 > Refuting Judy's sneaky lie:

 LOL. Share has now redefined "question" to mean "lie" if the answer isn't 
"Yes." I'll remember that. Wish she had redefined it earlier so I could have 
applied it to her own questions to me. Maybe I'll go back and pick out a few... 
Won't that be fun, Share?

 > I don't watch Fox or any news. I don't have TV.

 I'm glad to hear you don't watch Fox. I guess it was the fact that you posted 
a Fox News video in support of your claim that gave me the idea. Crazy, huh?

 That you don't watch any news, however, explains even more than if you did 
watch Fox News.

 > As for snopes, I'll go with what AAA said about E15. YMMV...


 Whatever you do, don't read what Snopes has to say (My mind is made up, don't 
confuse me with the facts),

 On Tuesday, December 10, 2013 1:17 PM, "authfriend@..." <authfriend@...> wrote:
   So you watch Fox News, eh? That could explain a great deal.

 BTW, before freaking out over E15 gas, read this from

Snopes's verdict is "Mixed"--parts of the E15 scare story are true, parts 

 Share warned:
 > in case you don't already know about it: 




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