If you know the answer, why not just tell us where the TMer mantras come from and what they mean?

It is totally misleading to say that the TM mantras were "made up" by the fakir Mahesh, or "lifted" out of a book, or that the TM mantras are so much gibberish, meaningless non-sense syllables. Either put up, or shut up. Just be honest - if you don't know, just admit it and let's move on with the query.

At this point you're just a poser.

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*This is all trolling, stuff Richard made up. If anyone here (except Xeno) takes Richard seriously enough to want a detailed refutation, let me know.*


*Richard trolled:*

Yeah, it's too bad we don't have free and accurate information here on FFL, what with some informants trying to obfuscate in the extreme, so we can't find out where the TM mantras really came from and what they really mean. This is supposed to be a spiritual help site where people can discuss spiritual paths and techniques in a truthful manner without rancor. If we could just get past the double-speak. Go figure.

"...the TM mantras are *not* the names of the Hindu gods. The Hindu gods have perfectly good names of their own."

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"Nor did I say the bijas weren't "nicknames" of the deities (whatever "nicknames" means in this context)."

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verb: obfuscate; 3rd person present: obfuscates; past tense: obfuscated; past participle: obfuscated; gerund or present participle: obfuscating

1. render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.

"the spelling changes will deform some familiar words and obfuscate their etymological origins"

synonyms: obscure, confuse, make unclear, blur, muddle, complicate, over-complicate, muddy, cloud, befog

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Re "I used to sweat creating perfect Boolean search strings, but it almost doesn't matter any more.":

Absolutely. What leaves me astonished (and humbled) is the sheer scale of the free info and advice that's now available. We're talking about countless numbers of people who freely give of their time and experience to help their fellows. Quite remarkable - and surely unpredictable by those who assume we are all motivated only by self-interest.

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