Re "The current scientific discoveries in cosmology do not support your 
position [Big Bang dissing].":  

 That's true. But modern physics has only been around for a century or so. 
We're still at the baby-crawling stage. You no longer think your siblings stop 
existing when they walk out the room.

 It's rather like those Christians who claim that the New Testament accounts 
prove that Jesus rose from the dead. They can make some good points - 
principally the implausibility of alternative explanations of the Gospel 
accounts. Eg, if the disciples were making the whole thing up, would they be 
prepared to die for their "faith"? As intriguing as those ideas are they don't 
get over the initial hurdle, viz: the extreme improbability that a man could 
come back from the grave.

 Big Bang theory is science not theology but when you consider it it has that 
same implausibilty factor at the get-go.

 Re "everything in the universe will end up as holographic bits of 
 Maybe that's all it was to begin with? And the definitions in my dictionary 
only become info when interpreted by an intelligent consciousness. Idealism 

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