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 Also, your statement that the universe just happened raises some questions for 
logical and scientific reasons.  As stated in the Kalam Cosmological Argument, 
your statement cannot stand further logical scrutiny.  Basically, the KCA 
states that the Prime Mover is the cause of the universe.

 This KCA is a variation of the standard cosmological argument. It results in 
infinite regress when you ask the question 'Who caused the Prime Mover'. 
Stopping at a prime mover is simply arbitrary. And my comment that one of the 
possibilities is the universe just happened, that is, arose spontaneously, 
obviously does not allow further logical scrutiny. We could only investigate 
scientifically what happened after it began. As what seems to be experience, 
i.e., consciousness associated with a human body, I have no idea when or where 
I began directly; only after some years, when I was 4 or 5 years old do I have 
any direct memories, and what when before is second hand information from 
parents, documents in government offices etc., and even memory is second hand 
information, since memory is often quite faulty.

 Suppose we could never, ever find out how the universe began? Would that be so 
bad? We know so much less than we think we do anyway, what is so dismal about 
not knowing? Beautiful day today and yesterday here. Everything is white. Maybe 
that kind of enjoyment is ultimately enough.

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