Share protested:

 << Judy, I don't think anyone *needs* a thumbs up reply. >>

 Right. The need to post such replies is yours.

 << I express appreciation as I feel it and often have nothing further to say. 

 We've noticed.

 << As for being selective, I'm exactly the right amount of selective for me, 
and you're the right amount of selective for you. >>

 You and I aren't the only posters here, Share.

 It really isn't necessary to indulge every impulse you have on a public forum. 
Nobody else makes anywhere near as many "thumbs-up" posts as you do, and I 
seriously doubt that's because they appreciate far fewer posts.

As I've said before, I like the buffet that is FFL, both in terms of content 
and style and amount of participation. I wish Xeno posted more. But I'm also 
glad that he has his own unique voice, that there is only one of him, just as 
I'm glad there's only one of me and you and noozguru and John, etc.

 On Saturday, December 14, 2013 10:26 AM, "authfriend@..." <authfriend@...> 
   A few "thumbs-up" posts aren't a problem. It's when someone seems to feel 
that a large percentage of the posts need a "thumbs-up," without adding much 
else, that it begins to become tiresome. Folks need to be at least somewhat 

 In any case, while I don't want to go back to posting limits, the current 
situation, in which one particular poster has gone completely out of control, 
really is disruptive and unpleasant, especially when so many of his posts are 
meaningless trolls. That does not qualify as "natural," IMHO.

 Seraphita wrote:

 << This worrying about the amount of posts an individual sends in a week 
bemuses me. There are many conversations on FFL when you just want to give a 
thumbs up to show you appreciated a particular comment. It's like saying 
"Absolutely!" or "Well said!" in a real-life conversation.  With post limits in 
place everyone will keep their powder dry for a lengthy dissertation in 
response to someone's comment. Let's keep it natural. >>




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