Can't resist sending this because Brenda Lee is fabulous. The medley of Patsy 
Cline tunes begins at 4:50

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turq, great list, except it's missing Patsy Cline. Here's one of her lesser 
known works:

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Thanks, great article
for context.  But I still won't listen much to radio country music
stuff that is so ignorant and down.  It does nothing good for the
subtle system spiritually.   I play the local campus station for my
horses to listen to in their paddocks. KHOE, 
[K Heaven On Earth radio] is much more
spiritually uplifting than the damned local country music stations. 
I actually pity and pray for the poor shop workers at the local farm
stores who have to listen to that country canned music stuff piped in
to their stores all day long.  That circumstance would be enough to
make anyone a drug user.  Jeezus.  As cultural backdrop it is all right out 
there with a lot of movie making today too.  I'll listen to Christian radio 
before staying dialed on a Country radio station for long.      -Buck in the 

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