Wow - I didn't realize you Jimi Hendrix fans had such sophisticated taste in music. LoL!

But, don't be sorry. There are many European rock music fans that don't quite get country music. Many don't realize the genesis of rock - it's just uptempo folk and country music, with rockabilly and blues added in for good measure. When I was a teenager, I was really into Elvis Presley - I had all his records and we used to spend hours listening to his songs and going to dances in High School. I still have at least six Elvis vinyl disks. It didn't take me long to realize that Elvis was pure country with a beat. I mean, you don't get much more country that Memphis, TN!

I'm pretty selective in my country music tastes. But, having come of age listening to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, and then CSNY, I've come to appreciate folk and country music more and more over the years.

Rockabilly has it's roots in North Texas and spread out from there to become rock and roll. Almost all the great rock musicians have cited country artists as their inspiration. Country music and rock is mostly about heartbreak, falling in love, and music you can dance to.

And, don't forget Lonnie Donegan and his skiffle band in the UK - they were huge back in day - 1955!

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I'm sorry, ditto!

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