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 BREAKING NEWS Sunday, December 15, 2013 2:02 PM EST Peter O'Toole, 'Lawrence 
of Arabia' Star, Dies at 81 Peter O’Toole, an Irish bookmaker’s son with a 
hell-raising streak whose magnetic performance in the 1962 epic film “Lawrence 
of Arabia” earned him overnight fame and put him on the road to becoming one of 
his generation’s most accomplished and charismatic actors, died on Saturday, 
according to a statement from his agent, Steve Kenis. He was 81. A blond, 
blue-eyed six-footer, Mr. O’Toole had the dashing good looks and high spirits 
befitting a leading man, and he did not disappoint in “Lawrence,” David Lean’s 
wide-screen, almost-four-hour homage to T.E. Lawrence, the daring British 
soldier and adventurer who led an Arab rebellion against the Turks in the 
Middle East during World War I. READ MORE 

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