You are the liar and I have the proof in this very post. I am not a liar or a troll - you just made that stuff up because you don't like what I say. You lied and told fibs about me for a decade. You tried to get others to shun me because you don't like people from Texas and you hate conservatives. That's what I think.

This is what I think; you are prejudiced, that is why for years you called me a "willytex" even after I told you at least six times that my name is Richard - that was petty of you and and that was wrong. If you want someone to pick on, you can pick on me and I'll give you a good dose of your own medicine. Just try me and see. I am, if nothing else, good at posting phrases.

On 12/15/2013 7:41 PM, wrote:

*You are a liar, Richard.*


*Richard lied:*

<< You're doing the lying, Judy. You told a fib about Share watching Fox News on TV- thatwas a fib. You told a big fib about NOT posting any comments about MMY's mantras and the personal gods; and you lied about me being a "troll" and "Professor Post". You are a liar and a fibber - that's what I think. And, you are a pernicious ankle-bitier most of the time. So, sue me. >>

    On 12/15/2013 1:45 PM, authfriend@... <mailto:authfriend@...> wrote:

*You are a liar, Richard.*


*Richard lied:*

*<< This is all just Judy trolling and making stuff up - I caught her in three big whopper fibs this month alone. If anyone want a full report, just contact me. >>*

 On 12/15/2013 1:18 PM, authfriend@... <mailto:authfriend@...> wrote:

    *Um, I didn't mean your post was subtle. I meant Barry's
    attempts at censorship were subtle. And in any case, I was being
    sarcastic. Too subtle for you, I guess. LOL.*


    *Not sure what you're referring to when you call me a "bigot."
    Would you care to elaborate? Careful, now. You don't want to be
    labeled a liar again.*

    Richard trolled:

    << Read my post again, Poopsie, it's not subtle at all. You're
    am ankle-biting bigot. Is that clear? Or, should I spell it out
    for you?


    A little kid; small dog.

    A catch-all term for small dogs who tend, as a group, to be
    tough, feisty little beasts and are often touchy and quarrelsome. >>

    I wrote:

    *You mean, Barry's been trying to /censor/ me all this time?
    Gee, what a surprise. I guess it was just too subtle for me to
    pick up on.*

    *Richard trolled:*

    << Anytime somebody posts to a discussion forum about somebody
    else posting too much it is a subtle form of censorship, trying
    to usurp the moderator or owner of the site. Usually, it's
    because they don't like what a person is saying or they don't
    like a persons political or religious opinions. Go figure.

    Sometimes they object because they are prejudiced against a
    certain group of people; and sometimes it's an objection based
    on your birth circumstances. Sometimes it's just plain old
    jealousy, meanness, or in some extreme cases, outright hatred.
    Sometimes it's just hackers wanting to wreck the place. Based
    on what I've read in this thread, it looks like there's a
    little of each going on here these days.

    I've been on various discussion groups for about ten years,
    including Google Groups and Yahoo Groups, and during that time
    I've experienced a lot of and seen a lot of ankle-biting. Bad
    behavior kind of goes with the territory when you're trying to
    dialog with anonymous informants.

    Anyway, thanks for your comments - it's a good feeling to
    connect with people and talk about stuff. Some people just feel
    better when they have someone to talk to. >>

        On 12/13/2013 9:55 PM, s3raphita@... <mailto:s3raphita@...>

    This worrying about the amount of posts an individual sends in
    a week bemuses me. There are many conversations on FFL when
    you just want to give a thumbs up to show you appreciated a
    particular comment. It's like saying "Absolutely!" or "Well
    said!" in a real-life conversation.  With post limits in place
    everyone will keep their powder dry for a lengthy dissertation
    in response to someone's comment. Let's keep it natural.

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