Dear Share, remember, *you* attacked Ann in one of the most mean-spirited ways 
there is, and then never bothered to apologize and in fact, called her 
"vicious."  Why don't you ask yourself..."what can I do to bring peace and 
alleviate suffering that I have caused?"  

---In, <sharelong60@...> wrote:

 Ann, it's true you no longer engage with me. But you do continue to make very 
negative remarks about me, focusing on mistakes I've made and at the same time 
denigrating or ignoring what has been positive about my participation here. In 
contrast, I liked it when Richard said that you and Emily and Judy are probably 
nice people in person. To me, his attitude seems reasonable and balanced and 

 On Sunday, December 15, 2013 10:57 PM, "awoelflebater@..." <awoelflebater@...> 


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 You are incorrect - you just make up stuff so people will shun me. You hate 
people from Texas - you are a hater, an abuser, and a mean, perpetual, petty, 
ankle-biting junkyard dog - that's what I think, and I don't see anyone else 
here that disagrees. If they do, they should speak up.
 Where I come from, silence usually indicates agreement. 

 Ricky, silence can also mean disbelief at what one is witnessing. But for me, 
when I see abuse or just plain ignorance I don't tend to stay quiet with my 
mouth hanging open. You need to get a grip. The very thing you are accusing 
Judy of is what you are displaying. The fact that you are such a blind 
numbskull about Share is quite another matter. You and Feste go ahead and 
"protect" and defend her all you want, I don't care one way or another. She 
relies on twits like you to fall for her feigned helplessness masked as idiocy 
and her little girl make-believe persona. She will go to her grave playing 
people like you but I couldn't care less; her acts and her manner of 
interaction here makes me seriously question her psychiatric health. (This 
started to become apparent when she so insensitively proclaimed LB Shriver was 
dying of liver cancer and then her PR claim on top of her "frisky fellas" to 
describe murdering, butchering rapists in India). So, because of that I am 
backing down from ever trying to really interact with her in a way that could 
possibly be meaningful. But your attacks on Judy are causing you to behave in a 
way which does not serve you well as either a man, a civilized human being or a 
husband and father. Do you live and speak like this offline? Take a minute or 
maybe two and really look at what you are putting out here. Just because you 
don't have a janitorial job to lose anymore doesn't give you free licence to 
act and post like a stupendous dick.
 On 12/15/2013 7:54 PM, authfriend@... mailto:authfriend@... wrote:
   This is all trolling, stuff Richard made up. If anyone here (except Xeno) 
takes Richard seriously enough to want a detailed refutation, let me know.
 Richard trolled:
 << It's very simple, Share - Judy hates Xeno and she wants him to shut up. 
Just like she wants you to shut up; just like she wanted Curtis, Barry, and Vaj 
to shut up. She won't dialog with Xeno because she is afraid of him because he 
is smarter that she is, just like Curtis, Barry, and Vaj are smarter than she 
 Judy has a very big ego and does NOT respond well to criticism. She thinks she 
owns this forum. She is an extremist that takes almost everything as a personal 
affront. She has been compared to a junkyard dog and an ankle-biting mean dog, 
which seem pretty apt to me. Her rap sheet goes back all the way to 1994! In 
all that time, I can't think of a single respondent that wants anything to do 
with her - not one. That's what I think. >>
 On 12/15/2013 3:53 PM, Share Long wrote:
   Xeno, Doc brought up Xeno Caveat and Judy said there had already been 
dozens. So I'm really curious.  Especially since you had not been involved in 
the Professor Post thread! Anyway, hope you had a little fun shoveling snow and 
will have wonderful holidays.
 On Sunday, December 15, 2013 2:43 PM, "anartaxius@..." mailto:anartaxius@... 
<anartaxius@...> mailto:anartaxius@... wrote:
   Hey, I'm going out to shovel snow. You need to do some research Share. The 
remainder of you can remain and shovel whatever Judy is dishing out.
<sharelong60@...> mailto:sharelong60@... wrote:
 Anyone, what the heck is a Xeno Caveat?!




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