I've never lied about you, Share, and you know it. But you have told falsehoods 
about me, about Ann, about Emily, about Raunchy, about others--even about 
yourself. You know that too. And I've documented many of the falsehoods.
Share lied:

 << Judy, I know how you have lied about me. Therefore I don't believe it when 
you say someone else has lied. >>

 Despite the evidence. Not surprising you would say this when you yourself have 
refused to admit your own documented falsehoods.

 << This will not change. >>

 No, I don't imagine it will. You're incapable of functioning any other way 
than by denying reality.

 << Also, I don't find Richard to be a troll. >>

 Even Barry acknowledges Richard's trolling. He's been known as a troll since 
way back on alt.m.t. As they say, Richard's picture illustrates the 
encyclopedia entry on trolling. IOW, he's the very image of a troll; his 
behavior defines trolling.

 On Monday, December 16, 2013 10:25 AM, "authfriend@..." <authfriend@...> wrote:
   Lying and trolling are courageous?? What an interesting set of ethics you 
Share fawned:

 << Yep, turq, I think Richard's been pretty courageous these past few weeks. >>




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