For the record, there are only two respondents on this list that attend regular meditation sessions in the dome. There is one respondent that has never tried TM. At least three of the current respondents on this list do not meditate at all, and two are self-proclaimed atheists. There are no Buddhists on this list, as far as I can tell. There is only one person on this list that is from Texas - the one you post derogatory references to in an attempt to smear. That's what I think.

If I am mistaken, please let me know. If there are any others that consider themselves to be on a spiritual path, please post your path here, so we can discuss it. Thanks.

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Dear Buck. This forum is a beautiful example of all the spirituality the average human being on this planet can muster - and these are people who have meditated or are still meditating and pursuing what they like to think of as a spiritual and informed life. You need to understand this and accept it. Although I don't consider myself a pessimist I do understand human nature for what it can be in its finest and its lowest moments. TM, Buddhism or attending the Dome regularly doesn't appear to allow most people here to transcend the petty squabbles and deep differences that characterize the rest of the world - even those from that special place we call "Texas" are not immune from exhibiting these less-than-charitable traits.

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