In addition to Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick, I also cited Heart with
Ann and Nancy Wilson in this thread. Previously, I cited Suzi Quatro in my
thread entitled "For all you romantics out there". So, I'm posting this
Suzi Quatro session from 1973. "Suzi is the first female bass player to
become a major rock star. This broke a barrier to women's participation in
rock music."

[image: Inline image 1]

Suzi Quatro - Can The Can (1973)

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> Richard started this thread "100 Great Rock Artists" to celebrate his
> favourite musical acts. It's striking that his choices only include one
> band - Jefferson Airplane - that has a woman. Now Airplane were one of my
> favourites; and one vital draw was Grace Slick. She wrote those wonderfully
> quirky songs like "Lather" and "White Rabbit" and her voice was not just
> great for those tracks where she was the lead singer but also for when she
> *just* supplied backing.
> Now I claim that women have a greater emotional range than men. If you
> don't buy that, you must at least concede that having a female singer in a
> group means you've got a greater vocal range than an all-male band. That
> being the case, it's surprising that more groups didn't have a woman
> member. Not having one is like denying yourself the use of, say, organs and
> pianos. Why not take full advantage of the auditory opportunities that are
> available?
> I think I'd rate Slick as the greatest of the rock singers (female
> division). She was at the same time both high priestess of psychedelia
> *and* the biker rock chick type; aspects which complemented each other.
> This track is soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.

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