Hari Om,
               Here is an discourse on the Power of Silence
                                                              With, Jai Guru Dev,
Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2005 12:24 PM
Subject:  Improve the quality of observance and Maintain the power of inner Silence

Speech needs company,

Silence needs solitude.

Speech wants to conquer others,

Silence helps conquer oneself.

Speech makes friends or foes,

Silence befriends all.

Speech demands respect,

Silence commands it.

Speech is earth-bound,

Silence is heaven-bound.

Speech educates,

Silence exalts.

Speech is subjective,

Silence is objective.

Speech has regrets,

Silence has none.

Speech has limitations,

Silence is boundless.

Speech needs effort,

Silence a lot more.

Speech is human,

Silence is Divine.

While speaking you are heard by creatures,

In silence you hear the creator.


Silence leads to a stillness of the mind,


Then to introspection,


Then to self-cleansing,


Finally to liberation.


The definite sign of a spiritually minded person is his silent, tolerant attitude. Bees, until they have found the flower and tasted the honey, make a loud, buzzing noise; but the moment they taste the honey, they become absorbed and cease to make a sound. So it is with us. Before we find the truth, we argue and dispute and challenge others who differ from us; but when we come in contact with something deeper, we grow silent and do not try to force it on other minds. We try to live it in our own life inevitably it reaches other lives.


Spiritual qualities are infectious just as evil qualities are. One bad person can drag down many others by his evil propensities; while those who have noble ideals and loving characters uplift others merely by their silent influence.


When we study external conditions, it is sometimes very discouraging to see how slowly this influence works; but it can never fail absolutely. And if we wish to produce a lasting effect on any character, it is better not to have it work too quickly. When we set fire to hay, it makes a tremendous blaze, then in a moment it is all over; while a log fire, which takes a long time to kindle, burns steadily and is dependable. Similarly in spiritual awakening, if the person is over- enthusiastic and emotionally excited, he exhausts his forces and the effect wears off. If, on the contrary, his deeper nature is touched, it may not show outwardly, but the result endures.


Limit yourself to observing. Take in everything that comes to your awareness whether big, small, trite or ordinary. Content of awareness is less important than the quality of awareness. As quality improves, so silence deepens, you will experience. You will discover, to your delight that revelation is not knowledge. It is power: a mysterious power


Are you aware of inner silence even now? You can spend this moment in the temple of silence, acquainting yourself with Devi and becoming peaceful. The power comes from intensifying concentration to visualize the form, hear the sound, feel the touch, taste, and smell of the divine perfume of the goddess manifesting that part of the ever-youthful goddess. She is in deep love with you.


  Practice creative silence.

  R Ravi Sankar



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