I explained what i meant by "standard practice." Did you miss that part of my 
Feste backed and filled:

 << You are so silly, auth. You have not proved a thing. You said it was 
"standard practice," which it isn't. OK, so you've found a few examples of it. 
Very clever, but my point remains valid. And. That's. All. I. Have. To. Say. >>


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 Hee hee. In the "relevant thread," Feste didn't believe me when I explained to 
him that the period-after-every-word convention was now a standard way to 
indicate emphasis on the Web:

 "I don't think you have even remotely established this as 'standard practice.; 
On the contrary, it's an unusual deviation from the norm. I wasn't impressed by 
the link you provided. It was a lot of people asking about the use of periods 
after every word, but not a single example that I could see. Nor have I seen a 
single example of its use by a good writer. Where are these blogs in which it 
is 'standard practice'?"


 And I responded:

 "No, I didn't suggest that the Google links were to examples. I was responding 
to Richard's claim that it didn't exist, essentially, because he'd never seen 
it. Obviously many people have seen it, but you wouldn't expect to see links to 
examples, for pete's sake. As I said, the next time I come across an example, 
I'll give you a link. But you're still overinterpreting 'standard practice,' as 
I explained and you ignored" [i.e., it isn't "standard" in that it's used any 
time someone wants to indicate emphasis, but rather that it's used often enough 
that most readers have seen it before and don't think it's weird; they 
understand what it's meant to convey].


 As I said I would, I've now provided links to four different examples. (Let me 
know if anyone wants to see links to the posts I just quoted.) And now Feste's 
pissed off because he looks like an ass for having been so unpleasantly 
skeptical (along with Richard and Barry).

 Feste huffed:

 You are making an ass of yourself again, auth, as anyone who cares to read the 
relevant thread can see for themselves. 


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 (Also for Barry and Richard.) 

 "...Again, these are fake quotes. Palin. Did. Not. Say. Any. Of. These. 



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