Dr. John Hagelin would do really well for our public image to adopt the first 
35 seconds of that guitar music as part of a sound-scape in meetings where he 
is coming to the podium.  That guitar lick, or the guitar cords from 
"Volunteers" at Woodstock.  OMG!   Crossing over from world-reknowned scientist 
and professor he also should present for us the revolution.   That kind of 
guitar should lead our vanguard.   If there is a break time in any meeting the 
sound-bite looping of Lennon's "All we are saying is, Give Peace a Chance"  
should come up as sound.  "Give Peace a Chance" should be the recessional of 
any TM meeting closing that he is in.  
 It is time to own being peace-revolutionaries,
 -Buck in the Dome   

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