Muhammad was a tantric who invented Islam as a solution to the upheaval that the war lords in the area were causing. I know an Indian woman who was born into a Muslim family but when asked about Islam couldn't tell you anything about it because they didn't actually practice it. She was more into yoga and Indian philosophy.

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The Quran is a dispiriting book. It's chock-full of passages in which Mohammed scoffs at those who didn't pay heed to Allah's past warnings, like the destruction of Sodom. When well-meaning people suggest to him that those stories might just be, well, stories - legends, myths - they are roundly condemned and promised an eternity of hell-fire. The amount of superstitious claptrap is worrying enough; but the sheer number of passages condemning all unbelievers to eternal punishments - and the cruel self-satisfaction with which those curses are pronounced - is chilling.

(I've read the book twice in two different translations.)

Stick to the Gospels or theGita. Or Sufi poetry - a true poet isn't a religious fanatic.

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