On 12/23/2013 4:42 AM, TurquoiseB wrote:
Someone *told* you about the *theory* of karma, and you choose to *believe* that theory. That is not the same as "knowing." And for good reason, because there is *no such thing* as "knowing." /*
We also know about karma by observation: human excrement always flows down stream. So, it's not really a theory anymore; it's more like an observable fact of reality. When you drop a stone into a pond, there are observable ripples that spread out all around. Whatever goes up, must return to earth; everything falls down.

What we do know is that when a billiard ball is struck by another billiard ball, there will be a cause and an effect. Whatever is at rest will remain at rest; whatever is in motion will continue in motion. We know this through experience; it's no longer just a belief. So, for every action there is a reaction and for every act there are consequences.

If a person kills another then there is a lawful price to pay. Everyone knows this because we have laws that are to protect people from murder. What we don't known is if there is a moral reciprocity or not. Almost all Buddhists belive there is - in thought, word,or deed. So Buddhists don't usualy go around causing harm to living beings. You should know this, since you claim to be a Buddhist. Go figure.

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