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> And by the way, it's [the dots as emphasis thang] not a "convention." If it is anything, it is a fad adopted by a few writers who have little idea about why grammar exists and what constitutes good writing.

*/Exactly. The scary thing is that it's being presented as a "standard" by someone who claims to be an editor.

Not all editors make up stuff like this, but it is standard convention for Judy. She just makes up stuff as she goes along. Sometimes she is so defensive that she'll invent things out of whole cloth, like creating macros in NEO.

Everyone knows she fibs a lot about stuff like that, so nobody takes her seriously anymore. It's like the time she claimed that the TM mantras weren't the names of the Hindu gods, and then claimed she didn't say that. Go figure.

Apparently Judy knows zero Spanish - yesterday she thought Share was swearing at her when Share posted "Merry Christmas" in Spanish. Come to think of it, Judy probably is affronted by that, since like you, she's an avowed atheist, but us TBs are not going to let you guys spoil our Holy Day Season. Have a very merry Christmas, Barry!

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