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Anyone got problems with Norton Internet Security?
We used to use Norton on our home computers for years from way back when I first got Norton Utilities for Windows 95. At the community college where I worked they use Norton Campus Edition and it seemed to work pretty well over a large network - there's about 10,000 PC workstations over there.

We've used Norton in our home office for several years, but we got tired of paying for it every year - because the damn rent is too high. Several years ago I had tried Avast, the free anti-virus program - and it's pretty good for the price - free. There's a little voice that says "Your anti-virus has been updated" every time you boot up your computer.

Then, about a year ago I installed Microsoft Security Essentials on our laptop computers and on my Toshiba Ultrabook, just to try it out - it's free too. I also have a version of Kaspersky that came with the Ultrabook which I haven't tried yet. I've also tried McAfee in the past.

I assume they all have a backdoor for the NSA - whatever.

Then, about six months ago something happened to the Microsoft anti-virus during an update. The program wouldn't launch or install any updates. So, I tried to install a whole new version of MIE, but it won't install - now I can't even get the program to uninstall, so I'm stuck with a red x when I boot up. Go figure.

So, I got the free Avast again and installed it on all our computers and upgraded the Avast on the Ultrabook with a purchased copy. So far, it all works good - no problems.

Did I tell you that you can get Avast for free?

http://www.avast.com/ <http://www.avast.com/en-us/compare-antivirus?cha=ppc&sen=google&ste=avast&var=31418697256&omcid=EN-US_Search_Brand&gclid=CIi11vbZxrsCFUtp7AodkiMAKg>

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