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I didn't think I would hear myself say this (and I haven't because I'm writing it) but I am formally asking Rick for the reinstatement of posting limits. At least at 50 I might, just might, be able to stick it out with the, shall we say, obsessive troller Richard. He is nothing if not persistent in his need to drive this forum into the basement. FFL will end some day but it would be nice if it wasn't because of Ricky. He's just not worth it.
Run to Rick, run to Rick. If Rick doesn't like me posting then he can speak for himself and I can always post to Google Groups as much as I want to, any time I want to, as long as I want to - it's totally un-moderated.

Just for the record, Judy was one of the main reasons for the posting limits in the first place. It's on record that she has been the top poster for years on FFL and previously on Google Groups. For some reason, she thinks she is the moderator of this list now. Not for nothing do they call her The Corrector. Because of her outright meanness, it's now open season on Ms Stein and now I got the people-power to stand up to her. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it.


And also for the record, you and Judy are the main reasons this group has gone "into the basement". I don't see anyone else here posting as much snark as you two post. Almost 50% of the posts here are just ankle-biting and snark from you two gals. It's just embarrassing. This is supposed to be an open discussion. In a social gathering, you two gals would be asked to leave for being just outright uncouth and mean-spirited.

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