A whole truckload more dishonesty from Barry:
 << Ahem. Let's hear what the self-proclaimed resident expert on everything 
said about posting limits back during the period when they were being debated 
as a way to get HER and two other idiots to stop making 100-150 posts per week 
and STFU: >>
 > "If anybody thinks Barry would be so insistently--
> and *nastily*--complaining about the top posters
> here if they were critical of TM and supportive of
> Barry, rather than supportive of TM and critical
> of Barry, I have a nice bridge you might want to
> have a look at."  - Judy Stein, Nov 3, 2006
 << In other words, making 150+ posts a week was just FINE with her, when she 
was making that many to stalk other people, as she's done consistently for 
almost 20 years. But when Richard cleverly turns the table on her and the other 
Mean Girls, suddenly *she's* the one trying to sell the posting limits bridge 
to other people.
 Can you say "Karma, dude?"  I think you can.  :-) >>

 Well, Barry can say that, but he knows it's not true.

 Back then the TM critics--especially Barry--were very busy "stalking" the TM 
defenders on FFL, and the latter were significantly outnumbered by the former. 
There were constant, prolonged battles over TM-related issues; both sides were 
much more militant than they are now. That's why the TM defenders were making 
so many posts: we were under siege. What I wrote above that Barry quotes was 
right on target.
 << Here she is proposing the *exact same strategy* currently being used 
against her so effectively by Richard (bold emphasis mine): >>

 "Effectively" is in the eye of the wishful thinker. And of course I wasn't 
seriously proposing any strategy in what Barry quotes:
 > I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but it's awfully
 > convenient for Barry that the three top posters
 > just happen to be among his chief critics here--
 > so he can try to intimidate us into silence under
 > cover of complaining about how much we post. 
> It would be fun to see what he'd do if we 
> were to limit our posts to criticisms of him. 
 - Judy Stein, Nov 2, 2006 << Richard didn't even have to do that. Turns out he 
has *plenty* to say, about many topics, pretty much all of them more 
interesting than Judy Stein. All he had to do was up his quotient of posts 
criticizing Judy and she goes batshit crazy, and now (ironically) is one of the 
people screaming for posting limits again. >>

 Well, I'm not "screaming for posting limits," as Barry knows. I said 
explicitly that it was vanishingly unlikely we would go back to them, for 
several reasons (and Alex has just confirmed one of them: he isn't willing to 
take on limits again).

 And as already noted in my earlier post, Richard's "criticisms of" (read: lies 
about) me are the least of the problem. The rest of his posts are mostly not 
that interesting, and Barry would never in a million years suggest they were if 
he weren't once again turning to the tried-and-true "the enemy of my enemy is 
my friend" tactic. It's the volume of Richard's insipid posts and trolls and 
lies--volume just for the sake of volume--that are making FFL so unpleasant. 
"Attention troll" was Barry's entirely apt term for Richard not very long ago.
 << The bottom line here is pretty simple, and pretty clear-cut: >>

 Lies are frequently simpler and clearer-cut than the reality. They're designed 
to be.

 << NO ONE but Judy's clone Ann seem to be the least bit bothered by Richard 
turning the tables and doing to her what she's done to so many others for so 
many years. >>

 Whoopsie-daisy. We don't know how many are bothered by Richard's excessive 
posting, first of all. They may not be speaking up because they don't want to 
become one of his targets.

 More importantly, Richard isn't "turning the tables"; what he's doing is 
vastly unlike what I do: his attacks consist almost exclusively of falsehoods. 
If I criticize somebody, I do it honestly.

 And Barry knows this.
<< NO ONE is rushing to her defense. >>

 I don't need anyone to "rush to my defense." I've never had any trouble 
handling attacks, especially ones that involve lies, as Barry knows to his 
sorrow. And Richard's attacks and lies are pretty pitiful.

 << Instead, pretty much everyone is kinda *enjoying* seeing her get a taste of 
her own medicine. >>

 Uh-huh. We all know Barry has the siddhi of mass reading of minds, don't we, 
folks? My guess is that except for a few people like Feste and Share who have a 
big beef with me, Richard's posts (and my responses, when I make any other than 
the macro) are being ignored.
 << Richard has, in fact, given the rest of us who've had to live with this 
woman's insanity for so long a kind of Christmas present, letting us see her 
demonstrate how badly she handles someone doing to her what she does to others. 
I therefore nominate Richard as FFL Santa of the Year.  :-) >>

 Actually I've been "handling" Richard quite well, thank you, routinely 
shutting down most of his various trolling lies with that macro disclaimer and 
quickly refuting those that may not be quite so transparently obvious. Once 
that's done, I usually just let him prattle.

 And Barry's making quite the ass of himself by holding Richard up as some kind 
of hero. What you're seeing is yet another of Barry's elaborate "get Judy" 
stalking fantasies that he hopes to sell to others. I think most everyone here 
is smarter than that.

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