Serious, Judy, don't take anything I say seriously.

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As Richard himself admitted in post #368186, nothing he says is to be taken seriously.

<< You won't find another person with such mental baggage as Judy Stein.
She's been obsessed with Barry for over fourteen years on two discussion
forums. Sometimes I think that getting Barry is Judy's main goal in
life. She sure doesn't post much about her daily life or what she does
other than post to this internet forum.

With the amount of posting she does, I don't see how she could get any
of her professional work accomplished. And, the response times are
remarkable - it's like she is at her computer all day and into the
evening, sometimes way past midnight. Maybe Judy has a laptop she can
take into her living room so as not to miss anything. And, a smartphone
to take into the bathroom just in case. Who knows?

From what I've read, any computer project requires at minimum about two
hours of real focus time in order to make any significant progress
toward completion. But, just looking at Judy's response time, it's
obvious she is multi-tasking a lot - unless maybe she doesn't have any
work to do this time of year. But, you'd think she would at least take
time out to go grocery shopping or to take a walk on the beach. no figure.

I would not be surprised if Judy goes to bed at night and dreams of
posting something to refute Barry - and gets up really early to compose
some message to post to try and get him. Seriously.

    > If I were to do what you suggest, how would your view of reality

I've been reading Judy's messages since about 1998 and I've seen a
change over that length of time. You can go back and read the archives
on Usenet and you will see that she used to be quite good at dialoging
on discussion groups. But, in the last few years there hs been a steady
decrease in her cogent messaging, to the point these days that it'
almost total self-defense, often resorting to one-line snarks and then
down to the point of creating "macros" to help her cope. Go figure. >>

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