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*> **And you define "original content" how? "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock"? "**
**> **Great Country Classics"?*
Well, I thought fer sure that my post entitled "Classical Masterpieces" would get a comment from Judy, since she seemed interested in opera and stuff, but it looks like I was mistaken about that. Judy did correct me on my typo about the QWERTY keyboard. Judy probably doesn't enjoy rock or country music, although, she did state that there are good examples of music in every music genre, in response to Ann's snark about people from Texas enjoying a Willie Nelson tune like "On the Road Again".

Maybe Judy doesn't seem to like country music because Barry likes it. Hell, I thought everyone listened to 'A Prarie Home Companion' with Garrison Keillor on NPR. Go figure.

A Prairie Home Companion:

The only on-topic message posted by me that Judy commented in years was about the one where she once posted an inane comment about the TM mantras NOT being the nicknames of the Hindu personal gods, and then she even denied that she had posted that comment! I wonder if Judy has actually ever read any comments on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras? She one posted that she had read Eliade's Yoga: Immortality and Freedom. Go figure.

Madhusuudana's definition of dhaaraNaa:
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