<< > Yes, that is why I had to put it in pink. Excitement from Ricky
 > deserves a little blush. >>This, as Richard knows, is with reference to his 
 > error about the Ascension taking place 40 years after the 
 > resurrection--i.e., nothing to do with what he goes on to say.

 << what you should have put in red was that Luke wasn't at the resurrection >>

 Neither was anybody else.

 << so he was told by Mary about it. Even if Luke didn't mention Mary by 
 name the other apostles said it was Mary that first told them about the 
 resurrection, nobody else is mentioned in the Gospels as telling the 
 apostles about the risen Christ - only Mary. >>

 Non sequitur. Nobody was disputing this.

 << She told them about the 
 resurrection having witnessed it - nobody else witnessed the 
 resurrection but Mary, according to the Gospels. >>

 She didn't witness the actual resurrection, just the risen Christ after the 
<< Now we have finally got all our ducks in a row: almost everyone knows 
 about Mary Magdalene being the first to tell the apostles about the 
 risen Christ >>

 Again, non seqitur. Nobody ever disputed this. No "finally" about it.

 << except Ann. Go figure. >>


 I don't think Ann disputes this either.

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