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 It's pretty simple, actually. Unrealistic, given the egos involved, but 

I just wish that a few people who *pretend* that they're writing directly to me 
-- or to one of the other posters who have made it clear that they never bother 
to read anything these people write -- would stop doing so. 

Be *honest*, for once. I'm talking to you (directly :-), Judy, Ann, and Bob. 

I haven't read anything in *any* of your posts other than the few words that I 
can't avoid seeing when scanning the newsgroup in Message View mode in weeks. I 
will *never* read -- or respond to -- any full post that you write here. Ever. 

Get over it. Learn to live with the fact that you've been *written off*, almost 
as if you were simply not worth my time, and have no possibility of *ever* 
being worth my time in the future. 

Either that, or continue to *pretend* to be writing directly to me, even though 
*everyone* here knows that you're really "writing to the crowd," hoping to 
influence *them*. 

What you're doing is silly, it's juvenile, and it makes *you* look like 
out-of-control egos trolling desperately for some kind of response. You're not 
going to get one from those of us who've written you off, so why not write *to* 
the people you still hope to get one from, eh?

Those of us the three of you stalk know -- as does everyone else here -- that 
you read *every* word of *every* post we write. Your NPD causes you to think 
that other people feel the same way about the things you write. T'ain't true. 
That is YOUR failing, YOUR psychosis, and YOUR samskara, not ours. We've 
written you off. If you were half as smart as you like to pose as being, you'd 
have figured that out by now. 

 Barry, you old bag lady, of course you don't read our posts - stop getting so 
hysterical; now, when are you going to start that new thread I suggested:

 Traveling with the voice in my head, why every thought I have is an idea.


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