Re "Why is it so difficult for you to understand the one, before you go off 
speculating on the three? ":
 Because there has to be duality before a "subject" (you, for example) can 
speculate about an "object". The One has to divide for that to happen; and so 
the One + the subject + the object = three terms. *Everything* depends on that 
Original Trinity.

 Let Uncle Aleister explain:

 The Chinese, like ourselves, begin with the idea of "Absolute Nothing." They 
"make an effort, and call it the Tao;" but that is exactly what the Tao comes 
to mean, when we examine it.  They see quite well, as we have done above, that 
merely to assert Nothing is not to explain the Universe; and they proceed to do 
so by means of a mathematical equation even simpler than ours, involving as it 
does no operations beyond simple addition and subtraction.  They say "Nothing 
obviously means Nothing; it has no qualities nor quantities."  (The Advaitists 
said the same, and then stultified themselves completely by calling it One!)  
"But," continue the sages of the Middle Kingdom, "it is always possible to 
reduce any expression to Nothing by taking any two equal and opposite terms."  
(Thus n + (-n) = 0.)  "We ought therefore to be able to get any expression that 
we want fromNothing; we merely have to be careful that the terms shall be 
precisely opposite and equal."  (0 = n + (-n).  This then they did, and began 
to diagrammatize the Universe as a pair of opposites, the Yang or active male, 
and the Yin or passive Female, principles. - (Aleister Crowley)

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