Steve and Feste, I don't think it's a good idea to encourage Share to
participate, no matter how badly she kicks the Mean Girls' asses. You
*know* how the MGC pack thinks -- if they can taunt one of their
hate-objects into replying to them, period, then they believe they've
"won." It's the same game that their cult leader used to play, and that
all narcissists play. It took Curtis to shut *him* up, by simply
refusing to reply to the taunts.

Heck, one of the MGC even has taken to stalking me lately on another
forum, since she can't get a rise out of me here. Fortunately, however,
that forum has a "Block" mechanism, so now hopefully she can't even
*see* what I write, much less comment on it. Life is good. :-)

Share, I know that to some extent you think this is all fun for you, but
you really ARE contributing to dragging this forum down into the gutter
by continuing to respond to these bitches' taunts. Why not just ignore
them, and thus force them to demonstrate that -- other than stalking the
people they don't like and trying to put them down -- they have *nothing
else to say*. You do. You'd look better -- even to your supporters here
-- if you just focused on doing that, and left these cunts to play with

--- In, feste37  wrote:
> Yep, Share really took auth to the cleaners in this thread. Auth
flails around hopelessly but Share is always one step ahead. And of
course, auth hates losing.
> ---In, steve.sundur@ wrote:
>  Share, if you don't mind me saying, you had her tied up loops like we
haven't seen a while.  Really, you feel kind of bad for her.  Or at
least I do.

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