Seraph, I don't think opinions themselves can be true or false though they can 
be based on true or false conclusions. And I still think emotional blackmail is 
an interaction that occurs on the personal rather than societal level.

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 Re "IMO emotional blackmail occurs only when there is a personal relationship 
between the people involved.":
You opinion is false. Hunger strikes whip up a lot of emotion!

Re "In the US suffragettes jailed for their beliefs went on hunger strikes and 
were force fed as a result. Would you say you support such action?":
That's an interesting case. In the UK it is recognised that women were given 
the vote in recognition of their essential war work in WWI which changed public 
opinion in their favour (which had been less-impressed by hunger strikes). (The 
US case is a more complex and drawn-out business.)
I did say hunger strikes may be justified in cases were free speech is 
outlawed. It's arguable that not having voting rights is a comparable 
situation. This anti-gay marriage protest doesn't qualify.

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